The Likin'IT Philosophy

We always pride ourselves on talking in a language that you can understand…
We offer a personal approach to all aspects of our business activities and are always open to any feedback or suggestions as to ways that our services can be improved or tailored to suit you.

Our aim is to become an extended member of your workforce, without adding the cost of employing your own IT team. We will offer you advice where required, keep on top of your current IT setup and ensure that any issues are resolved as quickly as possible. All of this can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of managing this in-house.

At Likin’IT we strive to ensure that you are once again, liking all aspects of your IT.


Carl – Technical

Carl has been at the helm of Likin’IT!.. since he started the business in 2010.  Having gained most of his working experience within the IT Support Industry, working for both corporate and Small to Mid-Size IT Companies. He felt that it was time to do things his own way. Carl believes in always putting the customer first and always looking to the future.  It is with this in mind, that...

Mike – Technical

Having been a fundamental part of the Likin’IT!.. Support Team since early 2015, Mike’s IT knowledge and his ability to adapt to different situations has been second to none.  Working closely with Carl, he has not only undertaken to learn and understand the systems that Carl has put in place.  He has also helped to improve on these systems.  With Mike looking after your day to day issues you can be confident...

Claire- Admin

Carl has spent several years battling with the business accounts and administration – Not his strong point, he admits!  But finally Likin’IT!.. has it’s latest team member.

Lady – PR

As a co-founder of Likin’IT!..  Lady has been fundamental in managing and developing many of the relationships that Likin’IT!.. has formed over the years.  She is a keen team player, and can always manage a to maintain a laid back approach.  Even in the toughest of situations!  She looks forward to greeting you sometime soon.