Backup Your Data with Likin’IT!..

Data retention and storage are vital for your business, loss of data can have significant implications. Could you carry on with business if you lost the data on your computers tomorrow?

At LikinIT we offer a range of backup solutions for all needs. We tailor solutions to your requirements and provide a multilayered backup system that will ensure your data is always backed up. We use both local and cloud backup solutions, Acronis providing support for the latter. Our partnership with Acronis, a leading player in the cloud backup market, enables us to provide efficient, effective and reliable solutions for Servers, PC’s, Laptops and phones alike.

Likin’IT!.. Cloud Backup – Powered by Acronis

Designed exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses, ‘LikinIT!.. Cloud Backup – Powered by Acronis’ is a powerful, scalable, hybrid cloud solution that protects all your systems and mobile devices, anytime, anywhere, faster than anyone else. Protect the data on your mobile devices and everything on Windows® and Linux® servers, any Hyper-V, PCs, Macs®, laptops, iPhone®, iPad®, Android® devices and Office 365® mailboxes. Recover your entire system — even to bare metal — or just recover selected files and folders.
Simply buy a subscription and we will back up your critical business data to your local storage for quick recovery and to our secure, private cloud for recovery in the event of a disaster. And with the ability to run a backup as a virtual machine, you can reduce your recovery time objectives (RTOs) to seconds. With ‘LikinIT!.. Cloud Backup – Powered by Acronis’, you can focus on your core business and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is protected. If you are interested to find out how LikinIT can help your business, please get in touch.