Hardware Supply & Installation

In need of a new Server, PC, laptop or any other IT related equipment? Don’t get bogged down in all of the technical bits. Simply let Likin’IT advise on the best products, specifications, and take away the headache of technical jargon and speaking to suppliers.

Software Supply & Installation

For any software requirements, Likin’IT can help. Whether it’s simply advice on the best solution to suit your needs, or the full supply & installation of the correct solution. We are always happy to assist.

Process Review

Why not let Likin’IT look at your processes, the systems in place, and how your staff conduct their day to day duties. Likin’IT can offer advice on how to get the most out of your systems/staff, making processes simpler and avoiding duplication across departments. A streamlined system can give you the benefit of a more efficient workforce and increased productivity throughout the business.


Are your staff getting the most out of the IT systems in place? Do your end users often get stuck on basic tasks? This is commonplace in most businesses, and can often be cured by some general training on the applications in use. Likin’IT can offer training on most commonplace Microsoft products. For any specialist training Likin’IT has partners that can assist.

Project Management

If you have an IT project that needs managing why not give Likin’IT a call. Likin’IT can either manage the project from start to finish, liaising with any third parties as required or simply offer advice on any aspect of the project.

Other Services

Likin’IT are a flexible company with a fluid approach to new technologies and venturing into the unknown. If there are any services that you feel you may need (new or old), Likin’IT are happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!