Simulated Phishing Campaigns and Cyber Security Awareness Training

  • Phishing is a cybercriminal’s attempt to steal sensitive information (usernames, passwords, bank details, etc) and often lands in your inbox with a trusted brand name or trusted contact and is used to trick the recipient into revealing sensitive information or click on a malicious link.
  • Phishing is accountable for over 90% of data breaches and is the largest cyber threat to organisations around the world – Phishing is becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted due to the wealth of information available on Social media platforms such as name, position, company worked and who reports into who. 

  • Your first line of defence is your staff – can they spot a ‘bad’ email from a good? Do they know what to look for and what to do if they have accidently clicked on the link? 

  • Our tailored simulated phishing campaigns and training can help strengthen your armoury defences by providing your staff with the skills they need to spot a ‘bad’ email or contact. 

  • We can then provide you with reports on each simulated Phishing campaign and the training results – so any weak spots are dealt with quickly and efficiently.